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There is a free 2m3 of plasterer's sand in maylands. I had better get that first. Sleeping less than 5 hours a night is linked to the majority of illnesses, for example obesity and cancer. It is also linked to mental illness. An eight hour stretch of sleep is better than interrupted sleep. Although I too have suffered from sleep problems, as I have experienced a lot of stress, I try not to flout the rules. Sleep is number 1.

When I saw you, you seemed quite anxious and nervous, However I must say that you always have a smile for me. I made sure that I had managed my sleep as best as a could, although I had pushed myself hard, getting up early and working through the dreary paperwork. I was a lot more confident, with an edge of willfulness and arrogance on the day, and no way did I think that I would lose. I was really confident.

I think you should try to avoid activities every hour during the night. I would be hopeful that your confidence and sense of well being might improve, so that we could make some changes and break down this barrier. Dialogue is needed - it is the trait of a humble Soul. I am confident that we can solve all problems together. They are actually being solved slowly from my end and hopefully at yours.

I assure you that all the fears which you have expressed are imaginary. I have always been keenly aware of how you feel about me. I spent half the time resisting, and since then I have come to the conclusion that we are very good for each other, and share very much in common, and that we can find happiness and security together. Especially the intensity of your interest in my life, music and interests leave me in awe, and I am not trying to discourage you from that, and it simply deepens my fascination of you.

I made the choice to remain single, because I find most people shallow compared with you.

❤ ❤ ❤

❤ ❤❤❤Good❤❤❤Morning❤❤❤My❤❤❤Love❤❤❤ ❤

Miss you Hugo.
I kneaded my dough a second time, and it is proving until 2:30pm. I measured one paver and counted the first four layers which I have laid out next to the driveway, where the trailer normally lives.

each paver 22.8cm x 14.2cm x 5.5cm

0.22 * 0.145 = 0.0319m^2 per paver

whole layers

2 @ 14 x 11 = 308
2 @ 17 x 10 = 340

total in first four layers: 648
(partial layer to be unloaded and counted)

Area of first 4 layers:


The neighbour's driveway is in fact 3m wide and 8.91m long, so we don't have enough bricks for that. You are supposed to edge paving with concrete retaining strips, so I will make the dimensions the same as the neighbour's in the end. Otherwise, with the bricks which I have, it would make a driveway 21cm less wide than Dianne's and same length.

The paver guy will contact me, because he will remove more of a different type too. I guess I will lay some builders' lines and remove 15cm of earth below the planned slope of the drive on the weekend and get on with it.

A prospective tenant dropped in and we chatted for over an hour. I quickly finished unloading the trailer into the 5th incomplete layer of pavers, which has 132 bricks, bringing the total area to:

24.882 square meters

I came back to 2 perfect loaves. This time I baked them at 230 degrees for five minutes and another 45 minutes on 180 degrees while I chatted with the tenant.

Efremov gave Putin instructions and so he should. Thanks to him, US has no real power over Russia. Note that all the reports of Assad (, Gadaffi, Putin & Hussein) gassing their own people are lies.

In any case the US military knew full well that they were lies. They also lied to Trump. So what what did they actually do? They coordinated with Vlad, who instructed Assad.

So they wiped out a Science Research Centre in Damascus after evacuating staff- just for the "noos", a slap on the wrist for naughty Assad.

Ironically Russia, Syria and Russia got rid of their chemical weapons and US did not. You can see why I am pro the non aligned nations. We are past our best by date.

Trump was very kind to Assad. That isn't the point. It's about the well being of the innocent Sunni, Shia, Orthodox, Catholic, Alawites, Melkite, Druse and Jewish citizens, and no not all Muslims are terrorists. Those that are, have been trained by the US to fight Russia, Syria and Libya.

I read instructions on paving a driveway. I will take a minimalist approach unlike my neighbour, the drunk hero, with his suburban perfection. I will be remembered for my compositions. Maintaining a property is just a responsibility with, in my case an income.

100mm of rubble, then 2 inches of sand, because I know that every time I dig for a fence post there is bed rock at 2 feet, if that.

❤ ❤ ❤

❤ ❤❤❤I❤❤❤Am❤❤❤Always❤❤❤Here❤❤❤For❤❤❤You❤❤❤ ❤

I am baking bread, because a busy man needs to eat. I will unload the trailer, then get metal from Midalia. Then I will remove soil from the driveway and dump it next to the front entrance for now. I will consider washing the removed soil and breaking broken masonry piling up here. Perhaps broken slabs can be just laid.

Mikhael Khodorkhovsky, jailed by Putin for 10 years for tax fraud (left) and one of the men that murdered Caesar, Gaius Cassius Longus.

Note that Mikhael Khodorkhovsky was made rich with the West's rape of Russia under Yeltsin and he wired his shares of Yukos to Jacob Rothschild in the City of London after his arrest.

The Royal Family hate Putin, and I think this story puts history, new and old into clear perspective. It also reflects on the current situation.

Dialogue and repentance of sins is required as we are stuck in this situation for Eternity.

You are very naughty. While I was handling 6 tonnes of pavers and sleeping like a log you were on this site roughly every hour for 24.

Gabrieli was a contemporary of Monteverdi. I tired of Karl Fitzgerald's left wing nonsense and removed him off facebook. Once he posted that we should uphold the art of the masses ie rap. Really? Rap wouldn't have been possible without Monteverdi's Major and Minor Scale. We need to acknowedge that although power is corrupt, only it can can evolve culture (for example even Russia's folk music has evolved under the umbrella of the Russian Orthodox Church.) I mean if you don't believe in anything whatsoever why even get out of bed? Also only power can create gas pipelines, while the masses consume the gas. The power struggles surrounding the President of The Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin are identical to those of Caesar. The liberals murdered Caesar because "Authority means that we can have less pleasure". Anyway, listening to Gabrieli should give you some indication of how we laboured for centuries, while supported by the Church. We all got heaps better at it. And now we need rap?

Putin decorates Efremov, the father of hypersonic missiles. Russia now has nuclear missiles @mach27 (27 times the speed of sound), and is working on a nuclear powered nuclear missile, which can just circle the earth in minutes and keeps doing so.

They incorporate corkscrew twists and are impossible to shoot down. Meanwhile the Baltic states have military drills on Russia's borders and the US seems to be dropping all missile reduction treaties. Trump speaks of "Our superior nuclear missiles which can travel at Mach 7". It is clear that his advisors lie. Perhaps, Johnny al Knoxville, it is time to stop poking the Bear and wake up?

❤ ❤ ❤

❤ ❤❤❤Good❤❤❤Morning❤❤❤Precious❤❤❤ ❤


I have had an ear for classical music since childhood. No doubt that was because my parents listened to it, although my sister has never been all that keen. It also appears that I come from an artistic family, as everyone can paint or has musical ability. This has carried though to everyone in three generations. There was no musical training however in my parental home.

I can only think of four stories my mother tells about my very young years. One which she still repeats often is the fact that when the Trout Quintet by Franz Schubert was played, my parents would ask me in German; "What is that music?"

"Those are the fishes by Schubert", I replied.

Later at age twelve I would sit with my father in the evenings and listen to classical music. My favourite was dances by Franz Schubert, which would always stir deep emotions.

Later, I really wanted a piano, which I finally got before age sixteen. Although it was too late to become a virtuoso, I learned quickly and could play grade five pieces within 6 months. I also started writing music.

I never had any theory training but taught myself to write music. When I read that Franz Schubert could write without a piano, that is what I trained myself to do. To hear the notes and write them on a staff.

During early adulthood I wrote a few waltzes in the style of Franz Schubert. I wrote a song making fun of an aquaintance and seriously applied myself to learning sonata form. I got back into writing music in my early forties. There was composing software on a computer which I bought. I emailed two of my compositions to a friend and she was impressed. Later she told me that she thought that in a previous lifetime I was one or several of the great composers. She said "but I won't tell you who."

"Oh you mean Franz Schubert?" I asked.

"How did you know?" she asked in amazement.

That is much of the explanation of what this site is about. I could add a lot more in terms of personality traits, but currently this site consists of a series of comparisons of portraits of people who lived one, two or three hundred years apart. Each page also features one of my short compositions, and where possible a photo of the beautiful lady who inspired me to write it.

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