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Franz Schubert 36 "Erste Walzer" Nummer 3

I have now finished my own version of this work by Schubert; Frank Reitzenstein 36 "Erste Walzer" Nummer 3, which you may find instructive, as it is a fairly successful demonstration of how I use Schubert to step into my own world of composition. I am no longer a beginner. What I brought to this is a long anacrusis or "upbeat", (it always starts with 4 quavers leading to the first beat, which celebrates with a crushed note, ornament. As there is room for 6 quavers per bar in a waltz, the last bar gets what is left over, which is a single beat - the crotchet). I can't remember seeing such a long anacrusis and to make it worse, it doesn't rise in the diatonic scale, but in the chromatic scale of semitones, a potential nightmare, as bass chords in a waltz are usually one beat (or two quavers) long and the melody is in thirds - two parts and is likely to get messy really quickly. I suppose the classical ear is used to two notes passing a chord, but if you deviate from the scales and especially chords that we are used to it may confuse the listener, and just as John Cleese can't afford to lose half the audience, nor can I. It's just unprofessional, as in essay writing, an easy one to read is a difficult one to write. I was tired and all I could think was "Why did I do this? How can it work?" It took 3 hours plus quite a few touch ups. To me it sounds better than my other recent pieces. The anacrusis is amazing, adding a sexy wiggle to the dance. It changes time and space, basically never starting on the beat, but the second. I will sleep early tonight.

The music on this page is Schubert's original work. Most Schubert Walzes are 16 bars long without repeats and it took me 10 minutes to key it into Musescore. I always key in Schubert's score before I study it to write my own. I would have written my own, but I feel that I am lazy sitting here and would like to see if there is something physical I can do. I would like to replace the alloy rims on my car with the old steel type because the tyres get less easily damaged when you hit a kerb and I can much more easily mount the tyres myself. Considering that the tyres have been damaged too often, not always due to my own stupidity, I can snoop around for good second hand ones. There are steel rims going for $10, but I don't have internet phone due to Exetel. I will try email.

Full Size Image

The ratio of wholemeal / $ for Coles wholemeal compared with Aldis is 1.5 better health / price value. I bought myself a toaster oven, and I have been a gun bread baker since age 23, so I got back into it. These loaves I make are so much healthier and much tastier and really not much different from the German Rye Bread I was reared on. It is important to avoid white flour products and sugar, because whole carbohydrates contain b vitamins which are cofactors and mandatory for sugar metabolism. 20% of people die from eating sugar. When you eat white carbohydrates, the body robs the nervous system of vitamins like niacin. The end result is Alzheimers and mental illness, but of course sugar causes diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer too. It is important to avoid a sugar high.

My bread may only have 20% less carbohydrate than the Aldi "wholemeal" bread and possibly even less compared with white bread, but consider that this is fibre and vitamins which significantly shifts the balance. Breadmakers Durum wheat costs almost $30 for 10 kg from Big Bubble. I bought 125kg of oats from a farmer in Toodyay previously to feed my Quendas. That way instead of spending $600 a year at Coles I saved 90%. When I get the phone working after the NBN "upgrade" I will contact him regarding durum wheat, as I believe that the grains will turn into flour in the Kitchen Whiz. I added about 10% gluten flour from 2brothers, Nedlands, who deliver for a couple of dollars, to that loaf, 1 tablespoon salt and half a cup of extra virgin olive oil. I baked it for an hour starting at 230 degrees for 5 minutes, 200 degrees until it started looking brown, then 180 and 150 at half an hour.

It occurred to me that I was probably doing something wrong. It appears that I forgot to prove the dough a second time before baking. Also I proved it for longer and what I am eating now is better.

I have to add, having finished the slice with butter, with plenty of gluten and letting the dough rise twice for an hour, it is excellent bread, and that is for less than the Coles wholemeal loaf including power. I am a physics guy with an eye on energy efficiency. With the last 3 loaves I have increased the amount of flour from one form to three full. I will keep an eye out for taller forms which fit in this tiny oven and try four or five of those units. Also I will experiment with hardiflex on top and behind the oven for better insulation or my second hand pink batts.


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