Immer Wieder was Neues!
L'elisir d'amore
Fritz Kreisler
La Sonnambula
Waltz With Me Rewrite
Francesca Caccini
Casta Diva
Ich Liebe Dich
Italian School II
Fuer Elise
Grow Bags
I miss you
Italian School I
Piano Practice
Ave Maria
Valentines 2019
Happy New Year
Weihnachts Walzer
Irene in Graz
Nina Baidyukova
Alexey Kondrashin
Alexandr Borodin
Benedict Cumberbatch
Rayna Fahey
Zwoelf Graezer Walzer
Happy Birthday Cindy
Happy Valentines Hunie
Happy Birthday Irene
Happy Birthday Hunie
Gräzer Walzer
Gräzer Walzer 2
Friederike Reitzenstein
Irene's Waltz
Sei mir Gegruesst
Joyful Waltz
Brent Lucanus
Horst Ludwig Reitzenstein
Christine Reitzenstein


Die Forelle
Kennst du das land
An Mignon

Karl Fitzgerald
Nyamburas Gesang
Neroli Duffy

Deutsche Taenze

Sechzehn Deutsche Tänze und Zwei Eccosaisen
Zwölf Deutsche Tänze
Irene's Ecossaise

Eternal Soul


Anselm Huettenbrenner
Amy's Waltz
Autumn Waltz
Birthday Waltz
Cindy's Waltz
Cristina's Waltz
Cristina's Song
Jane's Waltz
Festive Waltz
Geburtstags Walzer
Kuan Yin's Song
Liebes Walzer
Maureen's Waltz
Margarets Waltz
Melancholy Waltz
New Year's Waltz
Nyambura's Waltz
Prayer for Kenya
Regal Menuet
Valentines Waltz
Viennese Dance
Viennese Waltz

Deutsche Tänze

Feierlicher Tanz
Geburtstags Deutsche
Hafez al Assad
I Love You Hunie
Tanz Des Sommers
Nostalgischer Tanz
My Dancing Shoes

Mass in G

Sonata Form
Benjamin Fulford
Karen Hudes

Past Lives
Friends of Franz Schubert

"Casta Diva" from Norma by Vincenzo Bellini.

My father loved Italian Opera and I heard it constantly and was possibly the one who appreciated it the most. I once said to my piano teacher Michael Cole, Perth's best piano teacher, whom I had for one year "I don't know if I am any good at this". Michael replied "The music is within you and it needs to come out." I finally applied myself to writing Lieder 3 years ago with Kennst du Das Land. I still feel that it is too good for a first Lied, and Lieder composition is finally becoming a natural part of my life. Regarding Casta Diva, isn't this in supreme good taste? This is what I was fortunate enough to listen to constantly as a child, so what went in now has to come out. Fortunately I am like Franz Schubert; I can, and I will teach myself everything. This was likely my dad's favourite piece, although he told me 5 days before he died that Franz schubert was his favourite composer. As you can see from Kyrie, dad was almost certainly Franz Schubert's first love and a singer, so we have been on this path for aeons. Ah yes, I almost forgot. This Kyrie was my first ever vocal work, written under terrible stress after work over 5 days before dad's funeral. It was within me and had to come out. It is not unheard of for people to discover a talent upon the death of a parent. Domenico Scarlatti rose to prominence after the death of Alessandro Scarlatti. We can see the trend of ambition and modernization throughout the course of Western Music. Personally I think something is lost on the way, and I like Alessandro better. I try to resist this trend myself. I think that others like Donizetti, Bellini and Schubert thought the same. Meanwhile everyone was crazy about Rossini. People like noise and excitement. Meanwhile Schubert fared much, much better with the passing of time...depth.


Arcangelo Corelli

Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

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