Immer Wieder was Neues!
Valentines 2019
Happy New Year
Weihnachts Walzer
Irene in Graz
Nina Baidyukova
Alexey Kondrashin
Alexandr Borodin
Benedict Cumberbatch
Rayna Fahey
Zwoelf Graezer Walzer
Happy Birthday Cindy
Happy Valentines Hunie
Happy Birthday Irene
Happy Birthday Hunie
Gräzer Walzer
Gräzer Walzer 2
Friederike Reitzenstein
Irene's Waltz
Sei mir Gegruesst
Joyful Waltz
Brent Lucanus
Horst Ludwig Reitzenstein
Christine Reitzenstein


Die Forelle
Kennst du das land
An Mignon

Karl Fitzgerald
Nyamburas Gesang
Neroli Duffy

Deutsche Taenze

Sechzehn Deutsche Tänze und Zwei Eccosaisen
Zwölf Deutsche Tänze
Irene's Ecossaise

Eternal Soul


Anselm Huettenbrenner
Amy's Waltz
Autumn Waltz
Birthday Waltz
Cindy's Waltz
Cristina's Waltz
Cristina's Song
Jane's Waltz
Festive Waltz
Geburtstags Walzer
Kuan Yin's Song
Liebes Walzer
Maureen's Waltz
Margarets Waltz
Melancholy Waltz
New Year's Waltz
Nyambura's Waltz
Prayer for Kenya
Regal Menuet
Valentines Waltz
Viennese Dance
Viennese Waltz

Deutsche Tänze

Feierlicher Tanz
Geburtstags Deutsche
Hafez al Assad
I Love You Hunie
Tanz Des Sommers
Nostalgischer Tanz
My Dancing Shoes

Mass in G

Sonata Form
Benjamin Fulford
Karen Hudes

Past Lives
Friends of Franz Schubert


In classical antiquity, the cornucopia /ˌkɔːrnjəˈkoʊpiə, ˌkɔːrnə-/ (from Latin cornu copiae), also called the horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.

Happy Birthday Nyambura 2018 (Graezer Walzer 7) by Frank Reitzenstein and congratulations on your fast flowing bore and fertile land!

While we are on Ancient Greece, check out Michael Levin's Lyre

I believe that Michael Levin and I are both forward looking because we have both had a long hard look over our shoulders at the achievements of the ancients. There is not actually so much difference between my compositions and his when you take into account 2 millenia. Do you disagree? Well I must say regarding myself, that I was unable to realize my dream to write Classical Music until I started to study every bar of Franz Schubert's works. Interestingly, biographies of Franz Schubert idolized him with the phrase "Music just poured out of him". However a recent biographer gave the more sober assessment that he worked very hard and concluded that he "Studied the works of Beethoven". So there you go, because my Soul is Franz, I too worked out that you study the scores. Well done Michael Levin. There is no shame in not being a rapper and you will certainly live longer than they do.

Does forward looking for Classical Music even make any sense? Well of course it does, simply because Classical Music was stalled by the French Revolution and Industrial Revolution. It died due to lack of funds. I believe it does make sense, because if Einstein and Bohr didn't know Newton, their theories would be very interesting phenomena, but could hardly be complete, neither their works mastery. I need to point out the simple fact that centuries of work would otherwise have been ignored and discarded.

Note also that Franz spoke about modernizing the waltz. However as I study them, I see that, as is well known, he used chord substitution, but also frequently combined two chords, used the ancient drone base and the rule to hold each note as long as possible. Franz also spiked chords with deliberate, semitone discordant elements, which could otherwise be analysed as an inversion of the major seventh, all of which can make the music sound older than Mozart. I was never taught a single bar of music theory.

It appears that much of Rock is based on music similar to Mozart, in particular the use of mainly the Tonic and Dominant chords (eg. C and G) and perhaps the occasional Relative Minor, in this case A, which really involves only basic study and is not a fine art. It is also a gross simplification of Musical History. Schubert has shadows of Ancient Celtic and Arabic. In addition it has been proven that listening to Rock is linked to depression and suicide. For health? Slower and softer. Melody is healthier than rhythm. The syncopated beat is Satanic and deliberately used for hypnosis. A scientific analysis is that in Traditional Music the long beat and the loud beat are the same, the first. In Rock, the third is the loudest. I believe that music like mine which you are listening to follows a similar hypnotic principal as Rock, called composition (duh!), where you do indeed hear the same thing over and over, but it evolves like an essay, which grows the language part of your brain. I remember playing a piece, I think by Neil Diamond "Needle and the Damage Done", only because I wanted to play in a restaurant. At that time I was a profound meditator. After two bars I left my body. This suggests to me that it completely dissociates the mind, which ties in with the misuse of sex, drugs and to some extent programming through Trauma Based Mind Control. Yes the unsavoury lyrics definitely make it that and so does what I call "Fast, Loud and no Talent". It is like a sledge hammer and derived from Voodoo.

The New Left who own 2 SUV's, extoll the "art" of the working class, and think it will solve all our problems. Let me point out though, that all these revolutions are engineered by the Elite anyway, to further their selfish ends. I was told in an early teaching job (by the Principal at Ayr Senior High School) that we get our values from main street on Saturday night at 10pm. Very well sir! Perhaps that explains why Maths and Science grades have been dropping at 1% ever since. As I had a 24 years break from teaching that is more than the entire A grade vanished! Rebellion and lack of dilligence will not enable us to compete in the New Millenium. However this appears to be the goal of the Fabian Socialists (Alice Baily started both the Fabian and the New Age), who have a different agenda, so they indoctinate the New Left to that end. However with the rise of Eurasia you will be shown the way forward. It is simply a case of how far do we want to be left behind before we wake up. Western Europe is now at that point already, so naturally I am proud to be Franz Schubert learning Russian and possibly later Mandarin. Hopefully we can now recapitulate on the progress of 2 millenia without the exploitation, colonialism, paedophilia and war in the next 2000 years.

To me this piece, like some of my others, sounds like Händel, ie the Italian School. This suggests to me that both Franz and I have cherished what Franz' teacher Antonio Salieri taught him.

I now have 8 languages on my Ubuntu and have a virtual keyboard like the ipad.



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