Immer Wieder was Neues!
Valentines 2019
Happy New Year
Weihnachts Walzer
Irene in Graz
Nina Baidyukova
Alexey Kondrashin
Alexandr Borodin
Benedict Cumberbatch
Rayna Fahey
Zwoelf Graezer Walzer
Happy Birthday Cindy
Happy Valentines Hunie
Happy Birthday Irene
Happy Birthday Hunie
Gräzer Walzer
Gräzer Walzer 2
Friederike Reitzenstein
Irene's Waltz
Sei mir Gegruesst
Joyful Waltz
Brent Lucanus
Horst Ludwig Reitzenstein
Christine Reitzenstein


Die Forelle
Kennst du das land
An Mignon

Karl Fitzgerald
Nyamburas Gesang
Neroli Duffy

Deutsche Taenze

Sechzehn Deutsche Tänze und Zwei Eccosaisen
Zwölf Deutsche Tänze
Irene's Ecossaise

Eternal Soul


Anselm Huettenbrenner
Amy's Waltz
Autumn Waltz
Birthday Waltz
Cindy's Waltz
Cristina's Waltz
Cristina's Song
Jane's Waltz
Festive Waltz
Geburtstags Walzer
Kuan Yin's Song
Liebes Walzer
Maureen's Waltz
Margarets Waltz
Melancholy Waltz
New Year's Waltz
Nyambura's Waltz
Prayer for Kenya
Regal Menuet
Valentines Waltz
Viennese Dance
Viennese Waltz

Deutsche Tänze

Feierlicher Tanz
Geburtstags Deutsche
Hafez al Assad
I Love You Hunie
Tanz Des Sommers
Nostalgischer Tanz
My Dancing Shoes

Mass in G

Sonata Form
Benjamin Fulford
Karen Hudes

Past Lives
Friends of Franz Schubert

Painting by

Willy Hellmuth Reitzenstein

Electric Voice Phenomena

My father Willy Hellmuth Reitzenstein died in 2012. It took quite a while to settle everything and on the day that I was walking back to the car with the last item to be resolved I walked past a lady. She started talking. I told her that I had started writing a Mass for my Father's funeral.

What was his name she asked? I can see them you see. Yes he is here. He says that he loves you and sorry for all the silliness. I just did the best I could at the time. Regarding Kyrie I wrote for his funeral he said I did a good job too.

Well I had been meaning to tape ghosts using EVP (Electric Voice Phenomenon) so I decided that now was the time.

The accent, voice, pitch, rhythm, tempo, emotion and the whispering effect are all characteristics of my father's voice, although whispering is also characteristic of EVP.

Heil Hitler

Dad was a Nazi in the SS.

And What Did She Say?

Dad had an angry obsessive side to him which was quite frightening.

Bloeder Hammel (Silly Wether)

I can't remember my dad saying this recently but it is a characteristic expression of frustration.

Da ist ja hessliches gezimmert. (That is ugly panelling.)

I was cleaning the bathroom in the old house where I live. The panelling is really poor flaking particle board. The interesting thing is that I wrote the text first and used a dictionary to find out if there was even a word gezimmert. Interestingly it means wooden panelling.

Putzen (Cleaning)

I was cleaning a lot at the time. I heard the word putzen clearly many times over a couple of days.

Jetzt bist du freundlich (Now you are friendly)

The years prior to the last year of dad's life were quite a strain and I was often unfriendly.

This is a hard thing

I was unblocking a drain in the bathroom. I don't think drains were dad's forte. Mum used to do it.

Get out. Get Out.

I was going to have my dad live with me, but a home had him on a waiting list as prescribed by the system. They rang and offered a place. I really wasn't to sure about the home so I thought I would put my dad to the test. He had a general disregard for my authority. The bathroom was getting mouldy and he would not open the louvres. I decided to walk in while he was having a shower and asked if he could open the louvres. His response was a vehement "Get out!".

Zimmer (Room)

Putz (To Clean)

A Frenchman



An Englishman

Clean your hands

I was washing my hands really thoroughly.

Dirty Bum

A Jew


Recorded on a Saturday.

Other voices

Don't Get Up

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