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Happy Birthday Irene!

30th November 2019

Erste Walzer Nummer 2 von Frank Reitzenstein

Trauer oder Sehnsuchtswalzer

This "surprise" for Irene's Birthday was restored after Irene thanked me and said it was OK that I forgot here birth date, which appears to be November 30. You can see what a responsisble person I am lining up my committments in advance. She had already saved a version. This is the latest, which she may not have, which also shows two other writes, presented as full videos beneath. Irene has a pair of foxes which visit her garden at night and I am quite cheeky when you get to know me, but always reserved.

Komponiert am 28. September 2019 in 5 Stunden.

The above was a bit of an ambitious project and it is probably too harmonically dense for the sweetness of Schubert. However, it would be appropriate for a more orchestral style, of which there is some evidence that Schubert was sometimes too disinclined or lazy to do, as there was a lot more music to compose. I think it still fits the Italian School. I seem to be too overworked and tired to make good artistic decisions, not to mention remembering dates and I wrote another one today in 10 minutes, which didn't restore, so we defaulted back to the above. The quick rewrite is below. It sounds awfully like the most gifted member of the Italian school. In many ways, Mozart I can just do, Schubert I study intensely.

I was using the Linux dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1000000 command Saturday 29th 2019 to copy the server 1TB hard drive to the external drive. The server had to be switched off for this. Yes you do this as user root, who owns a /root directory, also known as the superuser. I did it by booting an old free Partition Magic cd, which always helps me when I am in trouble. It is just a small, light, temporary boot of um...user root - who is omnipotent and can fix anything. Well it took from before 1pm to after 6pm, but I had a plan. I bought a small but fast pc for $270, which arrived this week.


I got pppoe working from both pcs, so that the internet connection is from the pc, not the modem/router. I made sure that the new pc had internet and musescore notation software, and I spent the time composing this while my precious hard drive was mirroring.

I worked out how to remove the clicking between free video clips. When I have made the video I export it to MP4 and then use that video as the whole video clip with sound suppressed. Then I add my music MP3 again. I liked the result so I ripped some bird calls off a youtube video to MP3 and added that sound track as well. Also I tried a new effect. The next video clip emerges through a circular transition and I thought I would try out the "charcoal" effect and a colour balance. I am using OpenShot video maker on Linux. I hope that I will be writing film scores soon. I see that much more can be done with masking/transitions.


Actually, the first write was not my first. Below was my first, which took 20 minutes.




Painting by Frank Reitzenstein

George Friedrich Haendel

Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

Franz Schubert

...and his other lives.

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