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G.F.Handel Harpsichord Suites, Scott Ross 1/2

OMG. Now I know why I write dance suites and built a harpsichord. I went through a massive Baroque craze. I started 300 years ago. Or earlier? Janet Benion noted at school that I was learning music theory, even though I didn't study music at school. It looked a bit like below:

00:00 HWV 426 Prelude
02:29 HWV 426 Allemande
06:07 HWV 426 Courante
08:45 HWV 426 Gigue

11:54 HWV 427 Adagio
14:37 HWV 427 Allegro
17:40 HWV 427 Adagio
18:59 HWV 427 Allegro (Fugue)

21:19 HWV 428 Prelude
22:21 HWV 428 Allegro (Fugue)
24:36 HWV 428 Allemande
28:52 HWV 428 Courante
30:28 HWV 428 Air & Variations
39:39 HWV 428 Presto

44:43 HWV 429 Fugue
48:14 HWV 429 Allemande
50:57 HWV 429 Courante
52:50 HWV 429 Sarabande
56:06 HWV 429 Gigue

She also noted that I studied the Krebs cycle and Human Biology, which I didn't do at school either.


I converted my "Erste Walzer Nummer 3" to harpsichord. Sure things have changed, but I was long of the opinion, that if we stick to the principles, much says the same.


George Frideric Handel

Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

George Haendel

Anselm Huetten brenner

Friederike Reitzenstein

George Haendel

Anselm Huetten brenner

Friederike Reitzenstein

Nice work Frank!

There you go. I taught you about the Italian school and all was revealed! I was taught by the Italian School when I was Haendel (Arcangelo Corelli). I was taught by the Italian School when I was Schubert (Antonio Salieri). I was taught by the Italian School in this life by my father who loved Italian Opera and spent a fortune on Operas for the whole family. We sat right behind the conductor every time! I spoke German in each life and we emigrated to the English speaking world twice. My father expected me to study at university or become a school teacher in each life and I just wanted to write music! I almost forgot. Dad and Haendel were born in Saxony. Frank built a harpsichord when he was 23 and until today 6th October 2019, could never work out why.

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