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The rest of the year for you to determine what is real and meaningful in relationships for the long term

Schubert's Lullaby

Yes he wrote over 600 songs! "Die sind die Schönsten in der Welt". Elisabeth Schwarzkopf's dad was jailed by Hitler, because he upset him. He told his daughter, please don't upset Hitler so that you can have a career!

I am building a modest retaining wall out the back in the tenants' and dog's yard. The area between two bedrooms, the lounge room and the wall will be filled with sand, which I get for free with my renovated trailer and I will lay slabs on top. I am not planning to spend a fortune on materials and will be investing heavily in the the fact that I can do everything. The property is on a moderate slope and it will be roughly at ground level adjoining the house. I have dug most of it, as rocks appear at 15cm - 30 cm and it will anchor onto rock. Dad was Australia's best stone mason and you can't do anything in my sight without me learning. In any case he explained everything.

I started washing rocks. I realize that I have no clean sand, just grey sand for the garden. I will arrive with the trailer at a Chinaman's place at 4:30pm 1 March 2020 and the gumtree photo suggests that he has a lot of sand, so I may consider spending a few days getting it, as I may do some terracing out the front too. There is an exhaust noise after I got the slabs, so I had better investigate before I leave. 20:40 That was a great success. I wrapped less than 2 turns of zinc flashing around the 8 cm long tear in the exhaust pipe just before the muffler and tightened two hose clamps over it, reducing noise by 98%.

20:12 That didn't work out. The sand was 50 metres away from the road with only sand dune access. He said I could drive up. I am not driving my sedan up a sand dune. I have an opportunity of clean sand in a lady's trailer tomorrow morning and I should take it. That should be enough for some stonework. There is almost no relief teaching yet. I bought 16GB of memory for the pc, plus peripherals I bought for $100, but it didn't work. I think Christian Tenant John must go. He appears to be bipolar between "my mate" (I am not a mates guy), a saviour and a passive aggressive and it affects my rental business. I will say my Rosary for the court case. I am a busy man right now.

I want you in my arms my love. No one else matters to me. Don't forget that you have a serious transit to venus in less than three weeks active from the 5th, the only decent transit to venus since beginning 2018 (that was all that I checked) apart from when I returned a year ago. My conscience just said "If she moves on in life like all the others, you will be sorry". That is how we got into this mess. There is an enduring connection isn't there? I often saw your eyes on me. I loved it, but tried to resist it. Now I am paying for it and loving that too.

Even before that event, one of your stressful transits is reappearing - struggle between freedom and stability - breaking loose may be required for future stability. You are going through a difficult time. The one where a man comes into your life and you defended your boundaries overzealously, at significant risk of backlash passed a few weeks back and won't return. It first appeared a year ago.

What you decide with the transit to venus will be with you for a long time. You won't be happy with second best regarding all types of relationships and won't tolerate people who won't deliver. Because planets retrograde it will be active until the end of the year. I have quite a few opportunites but I have made my decision. I have had love transits regularly for a couple of years, had one a couple of days ago and another before 3 weeks times. I knew all this 5 years back. Why all the venus? Before there were none.

I found time to bake two loaves from the bag of flour. It was too late to clean and grind some wheat. With plenty of olive oil, gluten, molasses and salt, it is better than the german rye which I was reared on. It is a complex process (mainly due to proving and some kneading) and I shall eat some after 10pm.

22:31 I am enjoying my bread. It is excellent. What I learned from writing copy for my website is that everything made by God is whole. Therefore whole grains contain the B Vitamin group. It is required for carbohydrate metabolism. Oils contain Vitamin E, required for fat metabolism. I am already seeing signs of my health improving and notice a better response to this food.

2nd March 2020 21:44 I had toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches for dinner, I guess I will start roasting chicken now that it is cooler. My bread is excellent and I am feeling good, but tired. I got sand and forgot to tighten the ball and it popped out. I was able to recover from that, although it was on a steep slope.

The Christian tenant is going nuts and sending me emails about the fact that I won't be saved because I "rewrote" the Bible and that he would eat humble pie if I were a godly man.

Today I was no longer able to send emails from my Windows 7 virtual machine. I have nice white sand for stonework and will do my work tomorrow.

7th March 2020, 19:52 I worked very hard today. I washed about half a cubic metre of stone and gravel, and I harvested 1.5 buckets of capsicums. The majority had worms and I ended up with about 4 litres of capsicums in vinegar. I have never pickled cold like that before. Hopefully with regular spraying with chili and a more regular harvest I can get on top of this problem. If the pickles are nice it is my prefered way, because I don't have to eat it straight away and I can get control over my crop. Next year I will know what to expect and I may prune them right back during winter.

I am not really convinced that putting the capsicums in vinegar will work. At least there should be some oil on top. I will see if I can find another 2L Olive jar tomorrow. I followed an Italian on youtube last year who explained how to make sun dried tomatoes, but that may not be appropriate. However he did fry them in oil. That is worth considering. I loved his accent and the fact that he is European. I just couldn't imagine an Australian doing it like him. I think that salt may be good too. I had three of this morning's pizza breads for dinner. It was quite tasty.

I just watched a video of an English lady frying the capsicums in oils with tons of spices like a chutney, then simmering in vinegar and a lot of additives. She did well too.

Finally I watched a video, perhaps it was Australian, about how to use those pickling jars in boiling water.

I carted 14 buckets of gravel and washed 7 of them. I will wash the other 7 after I have had a cup of tea. My customer John Moffit pointed out that I need to allow for water to escape from the retaining wall, so I plan to leave some holes at low points. Someone sold me enviro fabric for making grow bags, but my way is better. I will roll some gravel in that porous cloth and cement it into the holes, saving $100 for special ducting. I am not spending money at this point in time, until I land on my feet. I guess I have been a spendthift, compare with my usual stingy self, although I think that my bread baking and agriculture will leave me healthy and wealthy and......eventually. I think I may harvest all of them and check for worms (they are back) and pickle the good ones. Harvesting the bad ones will remove the host, which I will throw into a bucket of bleach water.

Thank you for listening to An Mignon (Karl Fitzgerald). It was a my first Lied, when I was determined to write Lieder. It was a success even though I leant heavily on Franz, and I wasn't really at all sure where this was going. You have probably worked out that my boldness and pioneership are my best traits, although they eventually got me into trouble. Trouble that is both pain and pleasure. I wept when I heard it again. It is quite beautiful. I realized that I would likely join the ranks of Franz and Georges Bizet and that one day the world will listen to my compositions, if I keep going, as I doubt that I have composed as much as they have. nor have I had the training. It will sound much better when it is revered, treasured and is regarded as a school of it's own. You can become the custodian of my music if you like and I can teach you everything that I know and we can pass it on to our children. When you think about it, if I really was all those composers, my school is timeless and never changes at all.

Fritz Kreizler. "Love's Sorrow"

❤ Have a wonderful day and thank you for your visits. They mean a lot to me. I can't wait for the real thing! I was going to make breakfast, but I decided that playing the piano for you was more important. ❤

Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

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