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Mounting Tyres 8th October 2019.

I have had a bad run with tyres and I really want to be able to buy second hand or new tyres and mount them myself. It was a steep learning curve, considering what is at stake and this is a summary of my jouney. I am trying to present this more as the scientist which I am, rather than the many useful videos online, because I think there are a number of salient points which need to be spelled out and or illustrated with a diagram.

1 Use steel rims

I still have three 14" alloy rims on my car after hitting a kerb, but I bought five 13" steel rims. It appears to be easier to mount tyres on steel rims.

2 High Profile tyres

High profile tyres appear to be easier to mount than low profile tyres. I bought a second hand 175/70R/13 tyre for $10. The higher profile also matches the 14 inch low profile alloy rim diameter better, as I transition

3 Removing a Tyre

Either you bought a second hand tyre still on an old rim or you need to remove a damaged tyre. This has always worked for me without damage.You place the tyre flat on the ground with the sidewall under your towball and then you jack between the towbar and the sidewall and compress the tyre down until the bead pops. You should deflate the tyre first. Sometimes I need to turn the tyre around and do the same on the opposite side or other times you just walk around the tyre with my boots.

This is the most important part in my opinion, and obviously I didn't get it after watching a number of videos, until I watched one today. The following is important to keep in mind when removing and especially when mounting tyres. Carefully study the rim profile. There is a channel in the middle and on both sides it slopes up towards the edge of the rim, where the tyre will be seated.

Note that the channel is closer to one side than the other. Mount and remove both beads of the tyre from the front outside face of the wheel which is nearest the channel. That is because you also need to make sure when mounting or removing that the bead exactly opposite where you are levering is just inside that channel. This will significantly reduce the tension in the tyre while you are using the levers. I mention this at this point, because you should keep it in mind in reverse, when removing a tyre (which is often the first thing you do).

4 Tyre Levers.

Tyre levers are pushed under the bead of the tyres to lever them over the edge of the rim, both in mounting and removal.

5 High Polish the Rims.

Sand, wire brush and polish just inside the rim where the inflated tyres beads and also on the rim edge and why not the outside? This is where the tyre stretches during mounting and might get damaged by force.

6 Tyre Mounting Soap

I bought some tyre mounting lubricant on ebay, 1kg for $20. I mounted a tyre today. I just poured dishwashing liquid straight onto the areas I suggest that you polish above. I actually find that the waxy tyre mounting compound is useful at the end when you want to inflate it, rubbing it into leaks. I think the detergent which I used helped the tyre to seal, pop and inflate this time, with extra help using the waxy compound where there were bubbles. I experienced no difficulties.

7 Conclusion

I will likely add to this page. There are videos on youtube which show you how to remove and mount tyres on a rim and you should watch a few. Watching them didn't help me for quite some time, because sometimes I would end up in a situation when levering the second bead it just became far too tight. That is why I wrote this article. So to summarize:
  1. Pay attention to where the front of the tyre is. The channel that runs inside the torus of the rim is closer at the front. This is an easier side to work from, and you should be able to do the front and back bead from there during both removal and mounting.
  2. During both removal and mounting there is a point where you are applying a lever. It is important to reduce the stress on the tyre by making sure that the diametrically opposite bead is in the channel. This will relax the tension in the entire tyre and prevent damage.
  3. Prepare both edges of the rim, the edge and say 2 cm from the edge on the inside and one cm on the inside. This is where you will be tooling and the tyre will experience the most stress. Reducing friction here will porevent your tyre from damage.
  4. Cover the indise and outside of the edge, and / or the bead of the tyre with copious amounts of dishwashing liquid or tyre mounting wax just before mounting or removing a tyre.
  5. At the end the tyre may not inflate due to leaks. I found today that having thick detergent on the bead from mounting helped stop the air, except in a few places. I smeared tyre mounting soap in areas where it was harder to stop bubbles while inflating the tyre.

8 Tyre Mounting Machine

There is a tyre mounting machine on gumtree for $80. I see that it is currently on special at Supercheap Auto for $95. I think it is good because it holds your horizontal tyre firmly on a vertical post. Also there is a lever which you can rotate, so instead of using three levers and working your way around the edge you can force a single lever to slide between the tyre and edge of the rim working circumferencially using the vertical post as a fulcrum to push radially until all 360 degrees is mounted or removed. This should also reduce the risk of damage to the tyre bead, as a sliding, gliding sideways action of a lever is smoother and more continuous than forcing in a second or third lever and pulling hard on the bead, to gain another inch of progress.

9 Tyre Mounting Video

This was the video which helped me mount my difficult tyre today, but without a machine. His explanations about the channel made the difference for me today.

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