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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I didn't get a piano until age 16, by which time I was already a science brain and had memorized the periodic table. I stopped doing homework and practiced 4 hours a day in year 11 and 3 hours a day in year 12, impacting my grades, but not enough to change what I planned to do, that is study physics, in which I was offered a scholarship to do a PhD, but I reneged.

I was playing "Fuer Elise", a grade 5 piece within 6 months, but I never developed a good technique. The best was about a year ago. I haven't played much this year, but I composed a lot. In other words I developed what you hear below (but not that melody) in year eleven, my first year of piano lessons and working as a furniture removalist or anywhere, any time, I am happy to oblige with improvisations. My mother used to say "Er macht immer solche Schleifchen dran." (he always puts loops on it) . Well it appears that you taught me how to do that as Leopold Mozart. Mum felt that her hands were too crooked to play, but she played German folk songs by ear, without any assistance.


Leopold Mozart
Friederike Reitzenstein

OK. So Ludwig Reitzenstein's "Kleener's" (Kleiner - but they came from Saxony, long e like clay) life overlapped with that of Anna Maria Mozart and he was busy being Schubert's father (later), so I count him out as a possibility, so I have chosen Willy Hellmuth Reitzenstein "Großer" (he was 10 years older in the recent life). Regarding "Dicker", let's not go there, but we do have "Maus" (Das Mäuschen) below and of course Friederike is Freddy. Good thinking mum. Now that I look at the photo album, "Maus" is perfect! Occasionally you get someone fat, which makes my work difficult, eg Schubert, Anna Maria Mozart and Haendel. I am not sure about my sister and Mozart's sister yet. I have only been exposed to the idea of being Mozart for less than a week, well in seriousness - it is hardly a new idea. Meanwhile the ideas shown on the Altinier page are looking very promising. Note also that the Mozart and Schubert, top centre in the header look similar, especially the eyes. I have few doubts about having been Schubert and actually comparing 3 or more subjects all in different lives is proving useful when there are not enough photos.

Therese Grob   Anna Maria Mozart   Willy Hellmuth Reitzenstein

Maria Anna Mozart

Helen Josephine Reitzenstein (Das Mäuschen)

Helen Josephine Reitzenstein (Das Mäuschen)

Maria Anna Mozart

Helen Josephine Reitzenstein (Das Mäuschen)

Maria Anna Mozart

Helen Josephine Reitzenstein (Die Maus)

Maria Anna Mozart

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