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Frankie in Kalamunda

I hated UWA, and when I got home on the tedious bus trip I would walk for hours in the bush with bare feet. As you can see, building stone walls is no mystery to me, but then, we are knights and we built our own castles.

There were places where I could lurk. Behind that foundation wall was my dungeon, under the house, where I used to carry out chemistry experiments. There was also a small room under where the family is standing on the driveway. I remember building a lathe with my oxy torch and also a grinding wheel for my gemstones. I was a member of the Kalamunda Lapidary Club on Kostera Oval. I was introduced to Mrs Atherton the founder and I have lived and worked in Atherton Queensland.

I loved chemistry and when I learned in a lecture that ethanol could be converted to surgical ether (they are isomers), by using heat and a copper catalyst to move the oxygen atom to the middle I did it in that room under the driveway. I would have put a bunsen under a flask of metho with a rubber stopper and sent the alcohol vapour to another flask with a glowing copper coil provided by another bunsen under that. It worked. It is amazing that I am still alive. It could have exploded and I could have passed out, but fear wasn't in my vocabulary. General anaesthetic is linked to dementia in the elderly.

At least I did other things to the hoons, and I never smoked and drank as a teen. I only started drinking after reading scientific studies for days and I concluded that drinking in moderation was beneficial. This was after age 40;

Frank's Alcohol Log

There are 39 drinks in the cheap cask of red. This covers a timespan of interest :), so you can see I am careful with money too. Compare the $3 a week I spent on my "habit" atm (after reading 100 studies regarding the benefits). Compare with the average tenant ($100 - $400pw) on smokes, dope, alcohol and unfortunately in the past meth. I despise the "poor". They could all be kings. The middle column is days.

220519 - 040619 14 39 2.8
050619 - 170619 13 39 3.0
180618 - 280619 11 39 3.54
290619 - 090719 8 39 4.9
100719 - 200719 12 39 3.24
210719 - 030819 14 39 2.8
040819 - 140819 10 39 3.9
140819 - 260819 12 39 3.24
270819 - 050919 10 39 3.9
060819 - 180919 12 39 3.24

211119 - 021218 12 39 3.24
031219 131219 10 39 3.9
141219 281219 14 39 2.8
291219 170120 21 39 1.9
180120 040220 17 39 2.29
050220 030320 27 39 1.44

Even when I almost hit 5 drinks a day with the restraining order I don't drink when I am even tipsy and like Italians prefer to drink with meals which is associated with well being. Note the quick recovery too. 3.5 drinks a day is not a disaster for a big man like me.

You are good for me.

I have copied more images, which I was using for my father's funeral service to the images/family folder. I have hundreds of photos here, not yet scanned. It makes me feel so loved when you want to know everything about me and you cannot sleep an entire night without checking on me. I feel so much love in my heart in return.

My parents were not well suited to each other, the way that we are. My dad arrived in 1955 and bought a block in Kalamunda with city views, which he fell in love with.

Dad didn't like Australian women, so he returned to Germany. He was at his family Reitzenstein's place. Perhaps Onkel Gerhard (dad's cousin) was already married to mum's sister Marianne, but my mother was there. Dad came in and took a drink from the spout of the teapot and ran out again. Mum asked who is that? "Das ist der Hellmuth". They both thought that the other was rather strange but they got married in Naples on the way to Australia by ship. They upset each other from the beginning. For example mum loves to act the clown and put on dad's glasses at dinner on the ship and pulled faces, which irritated dad. As you can see, when there was a photography session, she had to monkey around. The neighbours in Prospect Crescent Kalamunda called my dad Sauerkraut. You may have noticed that a facebook friend, who is obviously not happy about people making fun of her accent, posted that those who laugh know only one language. Clearly that is not the case with me and I used to mimic my mother's accent to perfection. I asked the facebook friend if she sounds like a kraut and later asked her if Vienna was the capital of Australia? We are not friends anymore. I am just as cheeky as my mother and outspoken like both parents. At least Australians generally don't take themselves that seriously. I can't understand why I didn't learn an instrument as a child, but now that I have so many musician friends on facebook, I realize that I was really fortunate to develop my intellectual mind in this life.

The low (20 - 40cm) wall is completely resting on bedrock and is roughly 25 - 35cm wide, which is what I like about building in Gooseberry Hill. It now follows the line of the lounge room. It is 5 metres long and when the slabs are laid from the walls of 2 bedrooms, 3 wide there will be about 15 cm to the edge of the wall. The slabs will also be 15 - 20cm above the wall built so far, so that I can finish it off nicely with medium stones or even bricks once the slabs are laid. I guess I should remove all the soil from behind the retaining wall and fill with clean sand. I may also seal between the slabs to protect the house foundations from moisture.


Software is installed on Ubuntu through apt.

Because I am on an old Ubuntu I need to be good at this and I am able to bumble my way through all the error messages. The police took my $270 upgrade and the old machine, so all progress is on hold. I accept this because I have found true love, which best characterizes this time in my life and it is worth any price.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

The cancer is a 'benign' basal cell carcinoma. I left it for a long time as it is initially slow growing then accelerating and spreading amazingly quickly. I believe that they spend the whole time decoding your genes and working out a good attack. Also I was able to control it with Lugol's solution. I was rather bitter about doctors and what they did to my parents but eventually I went to Dr Carragher at the Mead Medical Group. Also I didn't actually understand why it appeared on a place which I kept covered up. What he didn't know and probably still does not completely comprehend is that the iodine can slow it down. He put a plaster on a week before surgery and it had doubled in diameter. Venus was retrograde and you shouldn't have surgery. Carragher: "This will spoil your beauty I'm afraid". We get on like a house on fire. It was done under local anaesthetic. It was ugly and painful (yes I looked into it). It keeps coming back in small increments, so late last year (because it is benign) I tried the cancema type cream, frowned upon, but intelligently discussed by professionals. I have to give it 50%. It is healed but inflamed. This used to be standard procedure and one problem which medics have is that the formula excludes antimony sulfide (ie it was a common treatment years ago, also containing bloodwort and zinc chloride), which interestingly is antitumour, so I bought stibnite for just a few dollars online. Being a walking periodic table gives one a roadmap to life. The important question of course is whether the cancer is metastasizing, which is always tested, so as it has never been a dangerous cancer I will see John when there is something to observe (which there should be if it is positive, because it makes a large hole). There is still hope that this method works. I may try it one more time. In any case it is not giving an indication of which way it wants to go, so it was a success because I may have slowed it down. I don't worry about it anymore because I have found true love which won't go away. I am sure now that it is much more than skin deep.

I come from a family of rock hounds. I can't believe that when dad's friend from the SS School came and gave me a massive radio controlled boat, I gave him my entire rock collection. I used to cut cabachons including orange and pink chert from where Bullsbrook Secondary College now is.

As you can see I love beauty.

I play this too and I love it so much.

I can play this fairly well on the piano and it is everyone's favourite.

In my early twenties I used my physics to grind the tubes of a second xylophone into the black keys on the piano and I played this (and Fuer Elise) in the Hay Streeet Mall. I looked up and there was an old lady in Mexican clothing looking very happy. The Latin world has heart and naturally carries European musical tradition through each century with perfect virtuosity and in good taste. I loved playing this on the piano in my teens.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not just some freak who writes ancient music in the back shed, but that these are truly my Austrian musical family and that I am part of a living artform here heard on the river Inn.

More music in Innsbruck


Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

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