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Neroli Duffy; Are you taping? by Frank Reitzenstein

Summit Lighthouse / Church Universal and Triumphant / Summit University

Late August 2003 in Mosocw, a Royal Teton Ranch team had flown in and was meeting with the local Summit Lighthouse Moscow teaching center leadership: Neroli Duffy saw Ketino with the tape recorder right in the beginning of the meeting (even before the keynote was played). She asked about it.


NEROLI Duffy: Are you taping?

KETINO Lutidze кетино лутидзе: Yes, we are planning to tape the whole event as it is the greatest event of the Moscow Study Group. We are meeting with the leadership and it is the first meeting we have ever had… and maybe we will not have many. Then in the middle of the “fight” about Julia, Linda Worobec said:

LINDA Worobec: No, I don’t want this taped. We are not taping this.

KETINO Lutidze кетино лутидзе: We are taping here everything as we are supposed to give the Keepers of the Flame and to the Group everything what will happen here. It is not our opinions, or our impressions we are going to present. (We are going to present whatever is taking place in this room.)

LINDA Worobec: You know what Ketino, you don’t have the power to do that. This is the Church.

<------------------ CUT ----------------------------->

PETER Duffy: are you taping?

KETINO Lutidze кетино лутидзе: Yes, we are taping the whole meeting. We will not speak without recording this meeting because you will not do in silence and in secrecy all that you are intended to do. You intend to make the decisions. We will be speaking only when the tape recorders are on.

(Peter and Norman M. decided to physically take from us the tape recorders. Ketino had one in her hands. The other was in Stuart’s hands. The women were supporting the men and were encouraging them to fight with us. Peter tried to take the tape recorder from Ketino’s hand as he was seated next to her. She drew/took away her right hand with the tape recorder so that Peter could not reach it. Norman stood up from his chair with the desire to take the tape recorders from Stuart and Ketino.)

KETINO Lutidze кетино лутидзе: Norman, are you going to fight with me?

WOMAN FROM Summit University TEAM: Yes!

ANOTHER WOMAN FROM Summit University TEAM: Yes!

KETINO Lutidze кетино лутидзе: That’s good!

Frank Reitzenstein

Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert

...and his other lives.

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