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Piano Practice 16th July 2019 after a rather poor practice quarter

I mentioned that my playing is much better than the posted videos of 6 years ago. I hadn't practiced for over a month, because I have been writing Lieder. So what you can hear is 6 years of improvement and a temporary lack of practice. However I will resolve to practice and keep recording. My Lieder have improved tremendously with the last three. There is nothing like a little passion and determination to bring about improvements. I am getting fantastic comments on Ave Maria. I will wait until Mercury Retrograde is over and then email the very talented Alisa Ignatiaeva in Moscow and ask if she likes it and if she will sing it in public. Please note that this piece Impromptu Opus 90 Number 4 by Franz Schubert, like all of Schubert's works should be seen as a song. It should give you insight into my own compositions.

That piano, an antique electronic Steinway, is in excellent condition and was advertised for $300 on Gumtree. However the pedals didn't work so I got it for $200. I did electronics from age 10 to age 20. When I did my major practicum I designed a strategic defense system and the servos during the 2 week break. Ken Bedwell, the physics teacher immediately gave the green light for every student to build one, which earned me a high distinction, so fixing this was easy. It was connected to a video camera. It analyzed the video signal and pointed a gun at a spot on the wall. I just dreamed it up using the dot products I learned in maths and did a dot matrix multiplication of the sweep signal and the signal of the spot image, resulting in a higher voltage for a spot to the right. The servo made by gluing a motor to a volume control worked instantly. It took an awful lot of amplification and transistors to amplify that signal and I still the remember the chill up my spine when it actually worked. Much like how I feel when I write something like Ave Maria. I cried for hours listening to it. Click for a large image. It will open a new frame.

It would be nice if that was the end of the story, but the lights on the old trailer weren't working after a tenant borrowed it and alas night fell before I arrived home and there was a booze trap, resulting in a yellow sticker, so I welded the frame, lined it with galvanized sheet and of course did the wiring with nice new LED lights. I need it you see, to cart free sand for my vegetables and free horse manure from Ascot. I will take a photo of the painted registered one later. I got 10/10 for metalwork, woodwork and tech drawing at school. I need to get my permanent Teacher's Registration at Byford. Apparently they are so short of manual arts teachers that they would pay me to do a short bridging course to become one and that will happen. Unfortunately rock stars who couldn't possibly do any of the things you see here occupy most of the music teacher seats. As a relief teacher I get few music lessons. I got a double at one school. I started by playing this on a nice yamaha to a standing ovation. We want you sir! We don't want our teacher. This is the best lesson I had since school started. Their teacher had half of them on a nasty loud rock beat and the other half four chords of a pop star. I taught them how to play the chord as an arpeggio (you know the running chords in this piece and all of my compositions) and how to add a bass. They will never forget their encounter with Franz Schubert. The old trailer had half inch holes all around the sides, both base and walls. That trailer cost me 3 weeks of piano practice too. It has been a busy year.

It's a bit of a puzzle. I see that I can play that in 6 minutes. So I played that plus Schubert's "Air Russe" and Fuer Elise not every day for 6 years and improved that much. I used to play and practice more pieces for my late mother when she was in a home (also in the period). I hadn't played for a decade or two prior. My advice; never stop practicing. I will publish a better performance of this and the others and more on rote learning later. I bought that towbar in Sydney online and found a cheap courier and installed it. In fact I have done every automotive job except the gearbox over the years. I also bought one trailer tyre and rim separately and mounted the tyre myself. However that has it's limitations it seems.

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