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Quindici segni di amore.
Bel Canto

Questo momento felice


Libretto di Frank Reitzenstein 26 gennaio 2020.

Questo e ' il momento in cui ti ho incontrato e ti ho dato il cambiamento sbagliato.

Mi accompagna alla prima?

Questo momento felice;
quando ti ho incontrato.
Mi sono innamorato;
con il tuo caldo sorriso.
Mi hai detto tutto di te;
e mi piace ascoltare.
Mi sento tranquillo quando;
vicino a te, tesoro.

In bar 36 I decided to give the Soprano a trill and the tenor a sustained note, while the accompaniment took the vocal part. this moves into bar 37, ending rather dramatically in bar 39. It struck me how much this sounds like a quote from a Mozart Piano Concerto. As this is the theme that we start with, it just shows how much Mozart is the hidden shadow in my musical life. The dramatic arpeggio plunge ending that section is also somewhat Mozartian. I was aiming for Donizetti, but oh no, Schubert and Mozart are ever with me.

I wondered why I had to extend Donizetti's idea into such a convoluted chromatic concept. Why did I do that? It is pure Mozart, that's why, and he will just never go away! He is the master behind the plan.

Fritz Kreisler

Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

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