Immer Wieder was Neues!
Valentines 2019
Happy New Year
Weihnachts Walzer
Irene in Graz
Nina Baidyukova
Alexey Kondrashin
Alexandr Borodin
Benedict Cumberbatch
Rayna Fahey
Zwoelf Graezer Walzer
Happy Birthday Cindy
Happy Valentines Hunie
Happy Birthday Irene
Happy Birthday Hunie
Gräzer Walzer
Gräzer Walzer 2
Friederike Reitzenstein
Irene's Waltz
Sei mir Gegruesst
Joyful Waltz
Brent Lucanus
Horst Ludwig Reitzenstein
Christine Reitzenstein


Die Forelle
Kennst du das land
An Mignon

Karl Fitzgerald
Nyamburas Gesang
Neroli Duffy

Deutsche Taenze

Sechzehn Deutsche Tänze und Zwei Eccosaisen
Zwölf Deutsche Tänze
Irene's Ecossaise

Eternal Soul


Anselm Huettenbrenner
Amy's Waltz
Autumn Waltz
Birthday Waltz
Cindy's Waltz
Cristina's Waltz
Cristina's Song
Jane's Waltz
Festive Waltz
Geburtstags Walzer
Kuan Yin's Song
Liebes Walzer
Maureen's Waltz
Margarets Waltz
Melancholy Waltz
New Year's Waltz
Nyambura's Waltz
Prayer for Kenya
Regal Menuet
Valentines Waltz
Viennese Dance
Viennese Waltz

Deutsche Tänze

Feierlicher Tanz
Geburtstags Deutsche
Hafez al Assad
I Love You Hunie
Tanz Des Sommers
Nostalgischer Tanz
My Dancing Shoes

Mass in G

Sonata Form
Benjamin Fulford
Karen Hudes

Past Lives
Friends of Franz Schubert

Parents of Frank Reitzenstein.

Willy Hellmuth Reitzenstein 22 May 1925 - 11 May 2012

Friedericke Milden 11 January 1935 -

von Reitzenstein


von Reitzenstein

Johann von der Grun

Conrad von Sparnberg

Eberhard von Berg

Grafen Adolf I von Berg 1045 - 31. Juli 1106

Adolf II of Lotharingia 1002 - 1041

Adolf I of Lotharingia reigned 1008 until 1018

Hermann I Count Palatine died 996

Erenfried II died c. 970

Eberhard I Count of Bonngau 904 died 937

Erenfried I 866 - 904

Adalbert I von MAASGAU 847 - 928

Giselbert II von MAASGAU 815 - 877

Giselbert von MAASGAU died 842

Gainfroi Count von MESSGAU born 770

Mainer Count of SENS died 800

Brunulf Count in NEUSTRIA

Ydulf Duke in BELGIUM

(We reach a stalemate here so we will follow his wife Aya (Adelgunde).


Waudbert III Count de LOMMOIS died 608


Richard de CAMVILLE

Athelaise de VERE

Beatrice GHENT 1040? - ?

Sibilla MANASSES Countess of GHISNES

Emma d' ARQUES

Avelina FitzRICHARD

Alice CAPET Princess of FRANCE 1009 - 1079

Constance of ARLES

Aelips Blanche' d' ANJOU

Gerberge de GATINAIS 920? - 952

Aba de AUVERGNE 892? - 942+

Ermengarde de CHALONS 843? - 881+

Richilde of ARLES 825? - 883

Richeut d' AMIENS

Richard of Waudbert

Waudbert VIII; Count de LOMMOIS ? - 762?

Waudbert VII Count de LOMMOIS ? - 725?

Waudbert VI Count de LOMMOIS ? - 704?

Waudbert V Count de LOMMOIS

Waudbert IV Count de LOMMOIS ? - 623?

Waudbert III de LOMMOIS


Walbert I Count de ARDENNES 485 - 530

Adalbert Alberico Duke of MOSEL 485 - 530

Theodemer des FRANCS RIPUAIRES 374 - 15 Aug 414

Richomer Ricomer des FRANCS RIPUAIRES 350 - 384

Mallobaudes des FRANCS RIPUAIRES 320 - 378

Malaric I King of the FRANKS in LOMBARDY 295 - 360

Merogaise King of the FRANKS 270 - 307

Gonobaud I de TOXANDRIE King of the FRANKS 270 - 307

Marcomir King of the FRANKS de TOXANDRIE 220 - 281

Hilderic King of FRANKS 185 - 253

Hilderic des FRANCS SALIENS 165 - 213

Sunno Huano Hunno King of FRANKS ravaged Gaul in 211

Farabert King of FRANKS 145 - 186

Clodimir IV King of FRANKS 125 - 166

Marcomir IV King of FRANKS 105 - 149

Odomir King of FRANKS 105 - 149

Richemer I King of FRANKS 65 - 114

Ratherius King of the FRANKS 45 - 90

Antenor IV King of the WEST FRANKS 25 - 69

Clodomir III King of the FRANKS 3 - 63

Marcomir III King of the FRANKS 17? BC - 50?

Clodius II King of the FRANKS 37? BC - 20?

Francus King of the WEST FRANKS 57? BC - 5?

Some accuse Francus of fabricating the genealogy below, all the way to ancient Babylon, to make his kingship seem great. I for my part would take into account the practice of Babylonian child sacrifice within the Vatican and European Nobility. As these practices involve intergenerational child abuse, that again supports the Babylonian genealogy. In summary the Nobility is highly inbred, so I'm not even worried about making a mistake in my research. "Satanic" families wield a lot of power as their minds are split by child abuse and then they are programmed by handlers for the rest of their lives. The most likely perpetrators are the Jesuits.

Karen Hudes, lawyer and high profile whistleblower from the World Bank discovers these same culprits by simply following the money, again in 2013, many years after I tracked them down.
Karen Hudes

I read with some shame how my ancestors tied Queen Brunhilde of the Visigoths to a wild stallion so she was dragged to her death. However when I read that she had killed 10 of us long haired Franks at the behest of the Pope I now think differently. Nobility the church has enslaved you more than you are aware. It is possible that the Babylonian witchcraft was imposed on us long haired Franks by the Pontis in the Vatican and that this Genealogy BC is in fact fabricated.

Svali   Frank Reitzenstein

Svali the noble whistleblower on Illuminati mind control. See the family resemblance with myself Frank Reitzenstein. She has since disappeared without trace. Dear brave sister thankyou for exposing the insidious Church and Nobility and Christendom which is now in rapid decline (against BRICS, Mercosur and the Non Aligned Nations) after hijacking our banking system. This dynasty managed to destroy itself.

An interview of Svali's experiences as a child of noble birth witnessing child sacrifice under the Vatican can be seen here Svali Child Sacrifice Vatican. For any family members born in Devonleigh Hospital Cottesloe Western Australia living on the Christian coastal strip of Perth Western Australia in the deflating housing bubble who think I am delerious, I have a copy of a much more harrowing account by a descendant of former Western Australian Premier Sir James Mitchell after whom our Freeway in Perth is named. I have spoken to the lady who wrote that account by telephone. She is a musician who knows you personally. Of course we don't speak of such things so they don't exist. ;) However this particular witness claims that more than half the girls at the local girl's snob school have backgrounds like this. The programming works. Not many even remember and those who do are loath to discuss it. I do not intend to expose this witness and am concerned about her safety.

Paedophile Jimmy Savile was a Papal Knight and was knighted by the Queen of England. In case you haven't worked that out, the Queen is run by the Vatican.

Jimmy Savile was identified by two victims of Satanic Child Abuse in two different locations.

Does this shock you? Not me! I have known for 10 years. It's a normal pattern. The Church, the Nobility, "Satanism", TV Personalities, Child abuse.

Conductor Eugene Goosens was also Knighted and implicated in Witchcraft and sexual rituals.

Antharius (King) of the SICAMBRI (77? BC - 36? BC)

Cassander (King) of SICAMBRI

Merodachus (King) of SICAMBRI (? - 95? BC)

Clodimir II (King) of SICAMBRI (? - 123? BC)

Antenor III (King) of SICAMBRI

Clodius I (King) of SICAMBRI

Marcomir II (King) of SICAMBRI

Nicanor I (King) of SICAMBRI

Clodimir I (King) of SICAMBRI

Bassanus Magnus (King) of SICAMBRI

Diocles (King) of SICAMBRI

Helenus V of SICAMBRI

Priamus (V; Priam) (King) of SICAMBRI (? - 358? BC)

Antenor II (III; King) of SICAMBRI (? - 384? BC)

Marcomir I (King) of SICAMBRI (? - 412? BC)

Antenor I (II; King) of the CIMMERIANS (? - 433? BC)

Helenus IV (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Priam IV (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Marcomir (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Dilulius (Diluglio) II (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Plaserius (Plaserio) III (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Helenus III (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Dilulius I (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Almadius (King) of the CIMMERIANS

Gentilanor (Prince) of the CIMMERIANS


Alexandre the TROJAN

Basabelian (Basabiliano) II the TROJAN

Plesron II the TROJAN

Helenus II the TROJAN

Priam II Trianus the TROJAN

Antenor I the TROJAN

Plaserius II the TROJAN

Gaberiano (Zaberian) the TROJAN

Eliacor the TROJAN

Plesron (King of CIMMERIANS)

Plaserio (Plaserius I) the TROJAN

Bosabiliano (Basabelian I) the TROJAN

Gelio the TROJAN

Esdron the TROJAN

Franco of the SCYTHIANS


prob. Helenus of TROY (King of the SCYTHIANS)

Priam Podarces (High King) of TROY (? - 1183? BC)

Laomedan (King) of TROY (? - 1237? BC)

Ilus (Ilyus) (King) of TROY (? - 1282? BC)

Trois of ACADIA

Erichthonius (King) of ACADIA (? - 1386? BC)

Dardanus (Dara) (King) of ACADIA

Zerah (Zehrah Zarah Zare) ibn JUDAH

Judah (Judas Juda) ibn JACOB

Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN)

Isaac ibn ABRAHAM (1922 BC - 1742 BC)

Abraham (Avraham Ibrahim) of GENESIS

Terah (Thare Terih) (King?) of AGADE

Nahor ben SERUG (2151? BC - 2003? BC

Serug (Sorogh Sarug) ben RAGAU

Reu (Ragau Ra'u) (King?) of LAGASH

Pelag ben EBER (Shinar 2243? BC - 2004? BC)

Eber ibn SHELAH (2277? BC - 1813? BC)

Shelah (ben CAINAN) of CHALDEA

Cainain the SEMITE

Arphaxad (King) of ARRAPACHTIS

Shem (Sceaf Sam Sem) ibn NOAH

Noah (Nuh Noe) ibn LAMEK


Methusaleh (Mathusale) (3317 BC - 2348 BC)

Enoch (Henoch) (3382 BC - 3017 BC)

Jared (3544 BC - 2582 BC)

Mahalalel (3609 BC - 2714 BC)

Cainan (Keinan Kenan)

Enosh (Henos Enos) (3769 BC - 2864 BC)

Seth (3874 BC - 2962 BC)

Adam, the First Man

Elohim, GOD of Israel

Frank Reitzenstein | King Juan Carlos of Spain | Clovis I 466 - 511 and his kinsmen | Nicole Reitzenstein | Eleanor of Aquitaine

King Clotaire 497 - 29 November 561 | Nicole Reitzenstein

Nicole, sultry German Actor, I bet you yourself don't know what phantoms from the past you breathe life into.

Frank Reitzenstein, King of Search.
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