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Building one of these ecommerce stores is horrendously difficult. After quite a few hours I managed to get this to work without error messages and there are endless things to work on. That logo is strange and yet when you compress the browser into a narrow mobile phone shape it is correct. I made that mobile friendly site 5 years ago by working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month, then tapering back for months. I am doing this to get assessed as a teacher. Instead of having shopping departments and categories there will be simple 7 Professional Standards and some sub standards, which is pretty simple. Instead of products there will be incidents. It may require a password, as students' information may be displayed. There are two ways of preventing google from spidering a page. This is one of them, but google prefer a noindex, nofollow directive in the header. I didn't use that last year, because I needed to work through all the template components and couldn't do it in a hurry (this site is a mess). I am not hugely confident about getting assessed, as this will be difficult doing just relief and I may need to ask for another extension to the 2 years non practicing registration. However I have to do something and there is a chance. I have to work for the dole until work starts or get off it. As I explained, the transit of Pluto into the house of the home will cause a lot of pressure and renovations are certain, but now there is less time for that. This must be the pressure on midheaven (career). I will really need to sort things out. Perhaps I should enroll for a piano performance course somewhere. I don't have much enthusiasm for ecommerce and Jane is supposed to be adding our products on facebook, but she has had to run a market garden to pay off her $7000 debt and went to hospital for surgery on her endometriosis. I have not heard from her since then and I hope that she is ok.

The last time that I experienced a hard aspect of Pluto to my midheaven, was when it drove me from UWA to Murdoch. Almost noone from my school liked studying at that Ivory tower and we all felt that we didn't get the mentoring that we needed. At Murdoch we had structured programs and I thrived and was the best student in my course, which I repeated a decade later at Curtin. I guess my stint of practicing the piano when I should have been studying, affected my discipline

I saw you poking among the receipts. You are such a nice lady. I would like to get to know you better.

I think we would both be much happier seeing each other regularly.

That prior hard contact of Pluto to my Midheaven also coincided with my first serious relationship. I don't know why. Perhaps because my natal Pluto conjuncts my Venus.

"Venus Conjunct Pluto. Your intimate personal relationships will be extremely important in your life, creating a sphere of experience which can take you to both the heights and the depths of emotional intensity, and will be a focus for energies of transformation which will influence the direction of your life." You also have a Venus / Pluto aspect in your natal chart and ours' mesh.

6th March 2020 12:09. I am making more "pizza" and need to make more bread soon. I added another clarinet playing one of the melodies (separated by thirds as in Questo). It also has the Mozartian chromatic work like Questo. I guess that it is not at all surprising that I can do it in 5 when I can do it in zero, as we heard in Litany, the first time that I sang into a microphone - there was absolutely no chance of me not composing a fluent melody (as my fingers can't miss), even in an archaic language, however drab. However I felt lazy and guilty writing Erste Walzer Nummer 3 in 5 minutes. It will be uploaded to "Dear Heart" in 10 minutes with the clarinet melody part added. I hope you are enjoying your day off. The "pizza" is delicious.

I have plenty to do. The secure certificate for needs to be installed.

Wish you were here!

I am making a video for Erste Walzer Nummer 3. I am still going at midnight, with another 10 minutes to go for the video to export with the latest orchestration. I am having another go now at 1:15am, with 3 minutes to go. I have billions of instruments. My dad always said that you should know where to stop and I need some sleep. So do you.

I have moved all that to a new page. I cut 6 thin slices of bread and will try the "pizza" again. I cut everything into small cubes and included stuffed olives and I will try to grill it for 15 minutes. I thought about adding sardines. I completed my packing today and went to the post office.

For you my Love. An extraordinary, mysterious and beautiful work by Franz Schubert. Why do Strauss waltzes, written for the bourgeousie to prevent a French style revolution make me yawn? Yes that is what pop music is, sponsored by the Queen, even today, for their style of social control, sexualization of children or whatever is on the current agenda. The extraordinarily haunting and beautiful second movement starts at 20:30.I remember reading that the tension is created becaue they are moving their bows so slowly and trying so hard themselves.

I found a printout of the young Harriet, while doing my paperwork today. There is a quite a similarity. Friedrich was quite a find!

It looks like I am having pizza. Four slices of my bread, floating in extra virgin olive oil on a tray, a slice of cheese, onion, sliced red capsicum, gherkin, tomato paste, pizza topping herbs, pepper and salt, grilled in the toaster oven on high for 10 minutes, I will try 15 next time. It is a lot like pizza. I forgot the stuffed olives. Regarding gherkin and olives, for somone who doesn't have a fridge, I don't think the pickling is adequate and it looks like a film of mould appears. I am getting into the habit of transferring into pure white vinegar. I am finding this with tinned beetroot too. Perhaps the consumer is becoming weaker and shuns acids, required for preservation. That was a nice meal. I will pack customer orders soon, as I am behind.

Don't forget to get your sleep. I am always here, waiting, although it looks like I will be busy.

I don't think I will need to wash my wheat with water. Today I put 2 cups at a time into a small, fine colander and held a breadboard over it and shook it vigorously for a few minutes and I can't notice any grit in the bread. More than anything I want to save the blades of my new flour mill.

These are for you Dear Heart.

Dear Heart

Wish you were here

This is what I wanted to post earlier, but I had to drive all the way down to Woolies "Get your woolies worth". I must be tired, it took me a few seconds to work it out. I got some cheese and butter for my Coolgardie safe and tomato paste to have toasted sandwiches. The reason I am posting it is because I used to play it on the piano and it has the same bass as the Moment Musicale, at least in places. Of course it is a similar bass to all of Franz' and Frank's Waltzes, except it is 2/4 instead of 3/4, so he uses quavers rather than crotchets. So this is what I heard in my parental home. Did you? This is an arrangement for only wind and I like the scenery. This beautiful scenery separates Reitzenstein from Venezia. Graz is also depicted @4:44 (and on the front cover), worth writing a waltz about it seems. That is where Anselm Hüttenbrenner lived. At 2:36 you can hear what I am addicted to, and that is 2 played in the time of 3, visible on the Questo score and heard in Pearl from the very beginning. As soon as I learned about playing 2 in the time of three I started tapping it (in class, at school of course). It appears that Mozart and Schubert used it a lot too. It offers a lot of flexibility as heard in Pearl, where the melody shifts between 2, 3 and 4 per beat unit.

I was going to post Ballet Number 2 from Rosamunde Princess of Cyprus by Schubert, but I found Entreacto. So you.

When I checked my astrology transits yesterday I saw that I had 3, not 2 transits to Venus this month, with one gone. I wonder what it all means?

This Italian did a good job imitating a Strauss waltz, but I am not sure it is really my thing. I see a trend of the orchestra laughing at the soloist. The Russians are excelling, of course.

Simplicity, depth and feeling...So refreshing. I play this. Is it like I miss you? ;) So tender and exquisite.

I miss you is after this, the last Original Waltzes. I think the three are similar. My private Schubert Life which I share only with you My Love.

The professor is making some mistakes. They are not dead easy to play, although easy enough with regular practice.

Happy Birthday Irene is similar to these waltzes.

I just had the equivalent of about 3 full sized capsicums raw for dinner. It appears that my battle against worms in the capsicums succeeded. I used a formula containing soap, canola oil, detergent, lots of chili powder, garlic and a little pyrethrum which I have growing, garlic and onion, which I boiled up and filtered through a tea towel. I have a copper solution for the coming leaf curl fungus. I am not sure how I will have the capsicums. They tend to need blemishes removed which isn't ideal for stuffing. I am interested in pickling which would go well with my bread. Anyway I have eaten quite a few and I have some experience at growing these in gooseberry hill. My tenant says that I should get a hot house. The baked bread looks great. I will try it now.

There is a hidden page murmansk. It is about topical issues in Europe, testosterone and rape. I removed it from the index because it might offend you and also because it is not what this site is about. However I am guessing that it would interest you, judging by your astrology chart, well especially because our synastry chart clearly indicates that you want to know all of my secrets, and you are not doing too badly. I love you keeping an eye on me. I have never been needed like this before and I realize now what I have been missing all of my life.


Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

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