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My Russian Collection

The best Russian songs may be Ukrainian

Ти ж мене підманула

You tricked me, Ukrainian Folk Song

You have told me that on Monday
We'll gather periwinkles together
I've come, and there you aren't,
You tricked me and let me down
You tricked me,
You let me down,
You're making me, a young man,
Lose my mind.
You have told me that on Tuesday
You will kiss me forty times
I've come, and there you aren't,
You tricked me and let me down
You have told me that on Wednesday
We'll wrangle up the cattle together
I've come, and there you aren't,
You tricked me and let me down
You have told me that on Thursday
We'll go to the concert together
I've come, and there you aren't,
You tricked me and let me down
You have told me that on Friday
We'll gather wild strawberries together
I've come, and there you aren't,
You tricked me and let me down
You have told me that on Saturday
We'll go to work together
I've come, and there you aren't,
You tricked me and let me down
You have told me that on Sunday
We'll go to the wedding together
I've come, and there you aren't,
You tricked me and let me down


Alisa Ignatieva and Pelagea - White Snow

Under the white snow

Under the white snow, under the white snow
In the stormy night has disappeared our path
Along which.. along which we used to walk
Side by side

Do you remember darling our dates,
And the words of love that you told me
Why did you forget those minutes
Those hours we spent together

My soul was aching, I was waiting
I was calling and yearning for you
While our path was disappearing
Along with familiar footprints

Under the white snow, under the white snow
In the stormy night has disappeared our path
Along which.. along which we used to walk
Side by side



Otche Nash - Our Father in Russian

Otche Nash

О́тче наш, И́же еси́ на небесе́х!
Our father, Who art in heaven!

Да святи́тся и́мя Твое́
Hallowed be Thy name

да прии́дет Ца́рствие Твое́
Thy Kingdom come

да бу́дет во́ля Твоя́,
thy will be done,

я́ко на небеси́ и на земли́.
on Earth as it is in Heaven

Хлеб наш насу́щный даждь нам днесь;
Give us this day our daily bread;

и оста́ви нам до́лги на́ша,
and leave us our debts,

я́коже и мы оставля́ем должнико́м на́шим;
as we forgive our debtors;

и не введи́ нас во искуше́ние,
and lead us not into temptation,

но изба́ви нас от лука́ваго.
but deliver us from evil.

The above is my own personal copy of the Lord's Prayer. I have used Archangel Michael's Rosary, to get what I need over the years, for example my mortgage, 14 months ago, against all odds. As you may have noticed, mortgage greed has seen it's day of reckoning. My business was hit by a google penalty years ago, after which I took over my late parents' affairs, including managing my late mother's estate and renovating. I just lived in the garage or shed and rented the rooms and I still do, as I was considering going to Africa when my mother passed away. As it turned out, I cared for Jane and she now has 4 acres and a bore and she cared about me and wanted me to have a house, so now we live on separate continents. When I returned to teaching, non practicing registration, I was able to clock up the hours, just at the right time. I have applied for an extension of non practicing registration and the school where I work have agreed to assess me for my permanency.
I stopped saying the Rosary daily and try to sing Otche Nash. I can not sing well. I don't believe in any particular religion, but I know that Archangel Michael helped me, also Shiva helped me when the mortgage application hit a wall. I have an anecdote about that, but suffice to say that I suspect the power is in the ancient Trinity. The Hindu Trinity is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. You may be shocked to find that most things in the Bible seem to come from Hindusim. Check out this:
Atman and Jiva. Jiva, the feminine, is enjoying the fruit of the tree, but Atman which means self in Sanskrit or Soul, does not partake of the fruit of the tree. You don't think I have many more of these stories to share?

Fellow Russophile Graham Phillips

This wise Soul at 16:55; "I think it is very Russian to be better than other countries".

The Legendary Ludmila Zykina

This is what the poor Soviets had to listen to while we had Johnny Rotten and Kylie Minogue.

Valentina Tolkyunova


Academic Choir of PetrSU in Barcelona

I am proud to be a composer after Salieri, Corelli, Monteverdi & Palestrina in the Italian School, but it appears that Rome can not sing like these Russians.


I only realized that Putin speaks very good English, but with a thick accent, last week.
This surprised me, because you rarely hear him speak English. By comparison, Putin's German is better than that of my late parents.

MY ROOMIES BROWN EYES/Cossacks where are You?


2006 Choeur Cosaques du Kouban (195 ans) « Chaîne » (Цепочка) Березка


Flash Mob Blagoveschensk

An important point. It is not just professionals involved in folk music and they love having flash mobs in railway stations and supermarkets. Note also that this is a town in the far east where a bridge to China has just been opened, but they are singing a Ukrainian song. If you live there you are Russian, not Moslem or Asian. This is confirmed by polls. You can hear the organiser call the Georgian Accordianist a Ukrainian, which proves my point.

Flash Mob Kaliningrad

See the cold response of the ethnic Krauts in Kaliningrad (Prussian Königsberg). Nothing an icebreaker won't fix.

Ännchen von Tharau

However don't underestimate the ancient culture of Königsberg.

Annie of Tharaw, my true love of old,
She is my life, and my goods, and my gold.

Annie of Tharaw, her heart once again
To me has surrendered in joy and in pain.

Annie of Tharaw, my riches, my good,
Thou, O my soul, my flesh, and my blood!

Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow,
We will stand by each other, however it blow.

Oppression, and sickness, and sorrow, and pain
Shall be to our true love as links to the chain.

As the palm-tree standeth so straight and so tall,
The more the hail beats, and the more the rains fall, --

So love in our hearts shall grow mighty and strong,
Through crosses, through sorrows, through manifold wrong.

Shouldst thou be torn from me to wander alone
In a desolate land where the sun is scarce known,--

Through forests I'll follow, and where the sea flows,
Through ice, and through iron, through armies of foes,

Annie of Tharaw, my light and my sun,
The threads of our two lives are woven in one.

Whate'er I have bidden thee thou hast obeyed,
Whatever forbidden thou hast not gainsaid.

How in the turmoil of life can love stand,
Where there is not one heart, and one mouth, and one hand?

Some seek for dissension, and trouble, and strife;
Like a dog and a cat live such man and wife.

Annie of Tharaw, such is not our love;
Thou art my lambkin, my chick, and my dove.

Whate'er my desire is, in thine may be seen;
I am king of the household, and thou art its queen.

It is this, O my Annie, my heart's sweetest rest,
That makes of us twain but one soul in one breast.

This turns to a heaven the hut where we dwell;
While wrangling soon changes a home to a hell.

Gotta love the King's Singers.

Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

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