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Vacuum Cleaner

I have been working very hard. Pluto has been transiting in the 3rd house, which rules siblings, neighbours, short distance travel and education, since 2008. In my case what I have to show for it is that I have studied in depth, the history of Christianity, for which I am known by Catholic Theologians. I have taught myself to compose as Franz Schubert. This seems to have manifested in my recent improvisation, because although I have neglected my practice, I was composing symphonically (it was developing like a composition) in real time after 2 minutes. I have developed an enterprise in Africa, helping the poor, offering employment, training, land water and trust. I had already noted that John Cleese said that it takes 6 hours to write 3 minutes of script. It is similar to me writing a waltz. However I am surprised at the three sections in my recent improvisation. The last section is 4 minutes long and was composed into the piano in 4 minutes and appears to sound better than my other compositions. Michael Cole mentioned that I concentrate better improvising my own compositions and despite his extraordinary technique (we always attended his concerts as students at the Octagon) told me that I can play them in public because I concentrate. Moreover my improvisation has form. It developed in an exciting way. John Cleese also mentions that TV is all about money now and there is no writing.

Why do I mention this? John Cleese points out that Peter Cook (voted as the best ever comedian by British Comedians) can write 4 minutes of skit in 4 minutes. One of my favourites, which proves this, is the crooked judge. I remember that case from when I was young. A male politician married to a relative of the Queen raped another male politician. Because of the high connections, the case is a complete farce (the Satanic Queen, runs Freemasonry and the Police & Judiciary - note that another rich friend of Prince Andrew was arrested today in the US, regarding teen trafficking), so Peter cook wrote "The Crooked Judge" overnight. All the well known names undergo a sex change (a slur against the gay in the case). It is worth wikiing the case before watching. This reminds me that during the Pluto transit in the 3rd house of education, I researched in detail, paedophilia in the Catholic Church, so by the time I moved on from this activity, having internalised it, Cardinal Pell (2nd ranking Catholic) was arrested. I am always ahead of my time and Pluto (which you and I have interlocking - hence the fascination and dangerous circumstances, is deep and dark) which is why we are both excellent detectives and scientists.

"John Jeremy Thorpe (29 April 1929 – 4 December 2014) was a British politician who served as the Member of Parliament for North Devon from 1959 to 1979, and as leader of the Liberal Party between 1967 and 1976. In May 1979 he was tried at the Old Bailey on charges of conspiracy and incitement to murder, arising from an earlier relationship with Norman Scott, a former model. Thorpe was acquitted on all charges, but the case, and the furore surrounding it, ended his political career."

However this is not my reason for writing, The transit of Pluto into the 4th house of the home on the 20th February 2020 for the next 11 years coincided exactly with a run in with a mentally ill, substance abused tenant (the norm so far). These types have a big ego and (I won't tell the whole story) wouldn't sit down to talk about receipts, but was happy (and this is a guess, because he never told the truth once, but is based on me studying receipts and their dates) was happy to leave me with the money which I was planning to refund him, and instead broke two chairs and deliberately massaged dirt into the carpet which I cleaned a month ago and left the nasty lock on his door (he was a total paranoid).

I am an expert carpet cleaner, using a commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner, bleach and dishwashing liquid. I remove the extension and use my physics. I get a watering can and fill it with boiling water. I add 50ml of dishwashing liquid and bleach and water a section of carpet. I then get on my hands and knees and slowly use the inch diameter nozzle of the powerful beast to remove all the water, often repeatedly applying hot soapy, bleachy water. I then spray pure bleach on the carpet. I have lesions on my hands feet and knees. I used at least 10 litres of bleach. My mum was a cleaning fanatic and it appears that I am as bad.

I also disciplined the 2 remaining tenants for the pigsty and I will clean the whole house. I used this principle on most of the carpet, then a tenant walked through with black feet. Everyone was disciplined. The bottom line is that if they don't clean, I will at say $25p/h. If they don't pay me they leave. The vacuum blew up at around 10pm, so I bought this for only $110 and I am waiting excitedly to get it:

I apologise because I may have less time to improvise for you. I have to go and spray bleach before the tenants return. I hugely appreciate your attention. I have never experienced this in my entire life, and believe me I have, did and will get a lot, because I am friendly and not nasty to women and of course I am extremely unusal.

Throughout I have fallen in love with you daily. I would love to see some real progress so that we can get to know each other better. I admire your beauty, sincerity, strength, discipline and accomplishments. Above all, I greatly admire you for your growing constancy, it is the best trait of all and I assure you that it will be fully reciprocated, so that we can both concentrate on living our lives to the full. We both have so much to offer the world. I vow to support you in all of your endeavours.

I should do my work now. The 4th house transit of pluto means renovations. As it is now opposition my midheaven it should transform my career (the effect on career lasts about 3 years). Perhaps I can improvise like that in restaurants. David Won did not reply when I emailed the composition.


Franz Schubert

Frank Reitzenstein

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